Yoga Benefits for Men – What Are The Main Benefits Of Yoga?

Yoga for Men

Yoga is one of the most ancient practices of body and mental health out there. The mention of yoga is there within the Hindu scriptures that date back to 3,000 BCE.

Modern research has proven yoga to be one of the most relaxing and effective ways to maintain a naturally healthy and mobile body. It is extensively being promoted all around the world because of its miraculous success rate.

Even after all the extensive promotion, men account for only 30% of the yoga practitioners. It seems like they are hesitant to try it out and pursue it. This article will discuss how yoga benefits men and why it is the best form of exercise for them!

Yoga Benefits For Men

We all know how pharmaceutical companies make tablets for almost everything and try to suck out your hard-earned money. The cost to benefit ratio for these products are usually low. On the other hand, yoga provides you all those benefits without the need to shed a lot on pennies.

Some of the most important benefits yoga provides for men are as below:

Lets you have fantastic sex:

let’s face it, the busy schedule of men and women alike have made it difficult to enjoy your intimate time. If you are having this same issue, then it’s time you started to do yoga.

Yoga helps you to regulate the blood flow within your body. Furthermore, some yoga poses are intended to strengthen the muscles of your lower pelvic region.

These two characteristics combined help increase your sexual performance and remove problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and more.

Forget about the costly pills, make some free time in the mornings, and blow your lover’s mind in the nights!

Yoga for Men


Flexible muscles:

It is almost every man’s dream to build up a fantastic body. We all know that workouts and a proper diet are the two most important things for that.

Welcome yoga, the secret ingredient of that mix. There are different stages of yoga which have varying difficulty levels. The intermediate and advanced levels increase your body flexibility by a vast margin.

Range of motion and muscle flexibility are the two most essential things you need while working out. A wide range of motion saves you from workout injuries, and the increased flexibility helps build up the muscles faster.

Therefore start doing yoga and make the most out of your gym sessions. The fast development of your body will surely make your gym partners jealous!

Helps you in relaxing:

Both work and society take a lot of toll on your mental health. It is estimated that nearly 40 to 50 percent of men suffer from mental health issues.

Yoga can be the best way to relieve your mind from this stress because it brings harmony between the mind and the body. An essential part of yoga is learning the art of meditation.

Yoga essentially lets you control your mind’s state and make it think more about the present and less about other things.

Therefore, it relieves the pressure on your mind and helps you focus better while increasing your concentration.

Improves your breathing:

The air surrounding us is degrading day by day, and this has involuntarily affected our breathing in the wrong way. Add to that a considerable percentage of men are avid smokers.

Both the standard capacity and quality of breathing deteriorates in this modern scenario. Yoga can help fix this issue because yoga relies heavily on your ability to control and efficiently using your breath.

People have reported a massive increase in the capacity of air intake while breathing after taking up yoga.

This not only helps you to live but also removes fatigue and quick exhaustion. Yoga will also be of immense help to you if you’re a swimmer, letting you hold your breath for longer.

Fix body imbalance:

The modern lifestyle causes a lot of imbalances within the body. These imbalances occur due to the flexing and exercising some joints and muscles while leaving out the rest.

Most men will spend an hour or two in the gym and then sit on a chair for 7 hours straight. This causes a lot of lower back problems and aches.

Yoga is regarded as one of the most effective and best ways to cope up with these issues. The main reason to consider this is that yoga doesn’t only provide relief from the pain; it fixes the joints and the muscle and heals the damage dealt over the years.

Doing yoga will make you feel young and alive again. Take up yoga today and say goodbye to your back pain and knee aches.

Improves digestion:

You might be thinking, how can bending and stretching your body affect your digestion? Well, that’s the beauty of yoga! It makes you work on some muscles that otherwise you would never use in your entire life!

There are specific yoga postures and exercises that work towards activating your stomach better, therefore promoting digestion and relieving you from a lot of digestive abnormalities and conditions.

Why Men Ignore Yoga?

To a certain extent, the exposure of men to yoga has not been very successful. In many countries and places, women can relate to the benefits of yoga more than men can.

Furthermore, men are approached more by hardcore fitness regimes like weight training, calisthenics, and cross-fit. This is because of the social stigma of building a big and muscular body.

These are merely stereotypical trash talk; yoga benefits everyone irrelevant of age and sex. This is the real beauty of yoga!


Yoga has an unimaginable amount of benefits for every man. Ignoring it because of some social stigma and lack of knowledge will be foolish.

On the contrary, men developed yoga in ancient times, and were practiced by kings and warriors.

Therefore stop wasting any more time and start practicing yoga. You will begin to feel the difference as early as a few months if you do it properly. Start living a healthier life now!

Jason Shaw is an experienced bodybuilder, gym owner, nutritionist and content creator for many websites. He has competed at a high level and wants to bring that experience in muscle building, fitness and nutrition including supplements to our many readers, whether you're a skinny guy want to build muscle or a seasoned bodybuilder.

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