Why Do Bodybuilders Use Estrogen Blockers?

Estrogen Blockers

Let’s face it, being a bodybuilder is not easy! If you are just starting on the path of bodybuilding, you will have to train hard and work harder. Apart from that, you will also have to keep your estrogen in check, among other things. That’s when you can take supplements called estrogen blockers.

But why do bodybuilders use estrogen blockers? And why is it necessary to block estrogen in your body? These may be some of the questions that come to mind.

So, if you are looking for answers, that’s exactly what we will give you! In this post, you will get a detailed information about all the questions you could possibly have! Keep reading.

What Are Estrogen Blockers?

Before getting into the details, let’s take a look at what estrogen blockers are. As the name suggests, it is a kind of supplement that allows for the blocking of the hormone estrogen. Of course, estrogen is very much necessary for your body for its functioning. However, being a man, if you produce too much estrogen, it could lead to some adverse effects.

Now, what are the possible effects that high estrogen could cause in a man? Well, in most cases, it could lead to high body fat, muscle mass loss, or insomnia. So, in order to ensure that you don’t go through such phases, you can take the help of estrogen blockers.

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Estrogen Blockers?


Why Use Estrogen Blockers?

Now that you know what estrogen blockers are, let’s take a look at the reasons why you need to use them, especially if you are an ardent bodybuilder.

One of the main reasons why you need to take estrogen blockers is that it helps in raising the levels of the testosterone. As you may know, the male hormone, testosterone, is responsible for helpful for the growth of muscles, elevating your mood and energy, and giving you a powerful sex drive. So, when you have a balanced level of testosterone, you are looking at a great overall performance of your body.

Secondly, estrogen blockers are important for bodybuilders because it will drastically improve your cardiac health. This means that when you opt for vigorous training, you won’t have to worry about being short of breath as your heart rate will be healthy and you can achieve those bulky arms you dream of!

Bodybuilders may also use etrogen blockers when they are on steroids. These man-made chemicals are responsible for reducing inflammation and thus, ease pain and swelling. Usually, steroids are known to increase the estrogen level. Therefore, by taking supplements for blocking estrogen, bodybuilders can prevent symptoms related to high estrogen levels, like fat gain and bloating.


What Foods Are Natural Estrogen Blockers?

Being a bodybuilder, you now know why it’s very essential to keep your estrogen level in check. So, how do you go about blocking estrogen naturally? If supplements are not your thing, you might want to check out some of these natural foods you can consume that act as estrogen blockers.


Being a healthy vegetable, this superfood comes with major nutrients that will help your body stay healthy as well as function properly. Some of these nutrients are proteins, vitamins, and fiber.


Another food that can naturally block estrogen is pomegranates. This fruit’s antioxidant properties may also help your body fight serious effects like cancer and inflammation, among others. With the help of the phytochemicals present in this food, you will be able to witness a decrease in your estrogen level.

Whole grain oats

You can also block estrogen by including whole grain oats in your diet. This is because oats contain phytochemicals like phytoestrogens and polyphenols. With the intake of whole grain oats, your body will be able to prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and thereby maintaining a hormonal balance.



When you are looking for foods that naturally block estrogen, you should consider mushrooms as well. While there are several types of mushrooms available, shiitake, crimini, baby button, and portobello mushrooms are considered to drastically help keep your estrogen level in check. This may be possible due to the fact that they stop the enzyme aromatase’s production, which is responsible for converting certain hormones into estrogen.

Green tea

For naturally blocking estrogen, you could also opt to take green tea. As you may already know, consuming green tea comes with a lot of beneficials for your overall health. It also contains polyphenols that impact the enzymes that metabolize estrogen. So, this means that regularly drinking green tea may decrease your body’s estrogen level.


Wild nettle root

Yes, wild nettle root may also help in blocking estrogen indirectly by blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. There are also a number of studies that show that this extract can be used for increasing the levels of testosterone in men. So, if you think you have a low testosterone level and high estrogen level, wild nettle root will allow you to form a balance between the two.

How to balance your estrogen level

When you are a bodybuilder, you will naturally have to stay fit and healthy from the inside as well. So, if you are looking for ways to keep your estrogen level in check other than with estrogen blockers, you don’t have to worry. That’s because there are quite a number of ways to do so.(1)

One of the first ways is to continually keep exercising throughout the week. Apart from other exercises, weight lifting is one of the main exercises that may be able to positively impact your hormones.

Another way to do so is to take care of your diet. The food you take should contain enough nutrients to help balance your hormones. Besides, having healthy food will make you feel and look lighter and healthier!


No doubt, estrogen blockers can greatly help bodybuilders by lowering the estrogen levels and increasing testosterone. This will, in turn, prove to be beneficial for building mass and perhaps even achieving the dream body you are looking for!


Jason Shaw is an experienced bodybuilder, gym owner, nutritionist and content creator for many websites. He has competed at a high level and wants to bring that experience in muscle building, fitness and nutrition including supplements to our many readers, whether you're a skinny guy want to build muscle or a seasoned bodybuilder.

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