What is the PHAT Workout Routine?

PHAT Workout To Gain Muscle Mass And Strength

If you have been thinking about starting an ideal workout routine to build muscle and strength, the PHAT workout may be just what you are looking for. Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training, or PHAT, is a split workout type and is recommended for both beginners and professionals.

The pieces of equipment you will need are a machine, dumbbell, and barbell. The training duration lasts for 12 weeks that is split into four 3-week cycles. It involves a workout timing of 90-120 minutes five days per week.

PHAT Workout

The PHAT workout is a training routine that merges both the workout routines of powerlifting and bodybuilding into a single training. This routine was brought forward by Layne Norton, who has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences. He is also a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Powerlifting, in itself, is ideal for building strength as the training involves low rep with heavy weights. Bodybuilding, on the other hand, uses lighter weight with more reps and is perfect for building muscle and defining the body.

The PHAT workout balances the pressures of both workouts. So it aims to not only strengthen muscles but also help you gain more muscle mass for an ultimate result.


Goal of the PHAT Workout

The primary goal of the PHAT workout is to enhance strength and build muscle mass while stimulating hypertrophy.

In general, powerlifting involves low reps, heavier weights, and longer rest periods to strengthen muscle, while bodybuilding emphasizes higher reps, lower weights, and shorter rest periods to gain muscle. Norton has successfully implemented both routines into one training program to offer the best of both workout routines.


Goal of the PHAT Workout

How Does the PHAT Workout Work?

Hypertrophy and progressive overload are what help build muscle and strength in the PHAT workout. Layne Norton designed the workout in such a way that each muscle is exercised twice a week with different workout techniques such as bodybuilding hypertrophy rep workout, and traditional strength building techniques.

The PHAT workout is introduced for lifters who want to build and gain more muscles without accumulating body fat. It also merges low and high reps in sets leading to muscle hypertrophy and a faster rate of muscle recovery.

As a progressive workout, beginners can also take up the workout to build both strength and muscles. In the PHAT workout, the workout day split holds the main focus instead of weight. Each workout session targets a particular group of muscles to exercise.

If you are ready to give this effective workout routine a try, there is a PHAT app by App Diggity that offers basic guidance on the routine. You can download either the IOS or Android versions of the app.


What is the PHAT Workout Schedule?

Norton’s PHAT workout revolves around the connection between strength and muscle mass. To build muscle, you have to take up bodybuilding exercises and a complementary balanced diet. But although bodybuilding adds more muscle, it doesn’t make you noticeably stronger.

If you want strength, that is where powerlifting comes in. As a two-in-one workout routine, the PHAT workout is perfect for those lifters who are looking to build more muscle mass and for those bodybuilders who are looking to boost their overall strength.

The PHAT workout schedule takes 12 weeks to complete. It is broken down into four 3-week cycles. The schedule involves five training days per week. For the first two days, you will be building strength through upper and lower body workouts, while the next three days are dedicated to building muscle through bodybuilding exercises and hypertrophy.

On day one, you will be focusing on upper body power, while day two deals with lower body exercises. These body exercises boost muscle hypertrophy and strengthen the muscles through a series of movements.

The third day is a rest day. On the fourth day, exercises will be dedicated to back and shoulder hypertrophy, while day five and day six focus on lower body hypertrophy and chest and arms hypertrophy, respectively. The workouts from day 4 to day 6 involve compound exercises, moderate rep counts, and lower set counts. The seventh day is a rest day.


What is the PHAT Workout Routine?

Benefits of the PHAT Workout

The PHAT workout is one of the best training programs to gain muscle mass as well as build strength. Some of the main benefits of the P.H.A.T workout includes-

Improves Raw Strength

Powerlifting workouts strengthen the muscles and make you stronger.

Builds Muscle

Bodybuilding workouts stimulate hypertrophy and help in building lean muscle mass.

Comprehensive Training Routine

It offers a complete training routine with progressive overload and structure that are suitable even for beginners.



What is a PHAT workout?

Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training, or P.H.A.T, is a training program that combines the workout routines of bodybuilding and powerlifting to provide an increase in both strength and muscle size. You can also burn fat while gaining lean muscle mass by exerting your strength and energy during workout sessions.

What is the duration of the PHAT workout?

A single P.H.A.T workout session usually takes about 90-120 minutes. As it is a blend of both powerlifting and bodybuilding to provide impeccable strength and bigger muscles, exercises are relatively longer than regular gym workouts.

Can beginners opt for the PHAT workout?

Yes. The P.H.A.T workout is suitable for beginners. Some people might dread the high volume routine, but as a progressive overload, you can start with lighter weights and make your way upwards with heavier weights and higher reps eventually.

How long does it take for the P.H.A.T workout to show results?

Beginners can expect a conservative result and can gain up to more than 5lbs of muscle within six months of the training. Beginners can also gain up to 20lbs of muscle within the first 12 months.

However, you can expect such a result only if you consistently work out. For advanced lifters, the result will not be as significant as beginners. So it is recommended to either customize the P.H.A.T workout or implement a new workout routine for more effective results.


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