What Are The Health Benefits of Tongkat Ali?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Tongkat Ali?

Most men are on the lookout for remedies to deal with erectile dysfunction. The need for a treatment to deal with such health issues was essential.

Over time, many brands launched possible supplements to help with such problems. However, there was no guarantee if such medications can be successful.

In recent times, the herb has been making the headlines for its potential health benefits for men. For centuries, it has been a traditional part of Southeast Asian medicine. It is a herbal remedy.

Studies suggest that the herb could be an excellent medication to treat male health problems. It may help to relieve stress, improve body consumption, and boost male fertility. There is a limitation on the research done to prove its authenticity.

Studies suggest that the herb could be an excellent medication to treat male health problems.

It may help to relieve stress, improve body consumption, and boost male fertility. There is a limitation on the research done to prove its authenticity. It showed significant improvements among people who started the herb treatment.

Health Benefits Of Tongkat Ali

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali or Longjack is derived from the green shrub’s roots. It is native to Southeast Asia. It is a traditional medicine used in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and various Asian countries.

The shrub helped treat erectile dysfunction in men. The shrub’s effectiveness in treating malaria, male impotence, and infections are visible through many studies. The compounds present in the shrub have many health benefits.

The root holds organic compounds that work as antioxidants. Such a blend helps fight particles called free radicals, which cause cell damages.

Apart from acting as an antioxidant, there are different ways that the shrub can be beneficial to human health. It also contains slow aging properties. A study showed how the herb helped improve sex drive and enhance well-being.

Prospective health benefits

There is no decisive research to prove the authenticity of the root. However, it is not easy to avoid its many health benefits. Studies show that it can help in treating male impotence. It can also help increase muscle mass and improve mood. Some well-known advantages are:

Potential increase in testosterone levels 

Studies reported about tests on the potential of the herb increasing male sex drive. Such researches helped in showing how the shrub works (1).

The shrub can be an excellent supplement for men suffering from low levels of the sex hormone. There are many reasons why men suffer from fewer sex drives. Some examples are:

Sleep apnea


Chronic alcoholism


Infection of the testicles

Radiation treatments

Injury of the testicles

Some medications

The harmful effects of low sex drive lead to many unbalanced health problems in men. Such health issues include erectile dysfunction, intense sexual desires, and infertility. Some combined contents of the shrub may boost low testosterone levels so it can treat such problems.

Experts conducted a study for one month among older men of 76 years with low testosterone. The study showed significant development that allowed the researchers to know the herb better.

The test had every subject take 200 mg of the shrub extract every day. At the end of the study, experts observed a significant rise in the levels of hormones.

A total of more than 90% of the subjects experienced an increase from normal low hormones. Additionally, studies show that taking the shrub extract restores sexual arousal and erectile dysfunction. The rise of such arousal is the same in both humans and animals.

Another study showed improvements in the quality and sperm concentration of 75 male partners with infertility. The subjects took 200 mg of the shrub extract daily for three months. The result was that 14% of the couples became pregnant after the treatment.

Other research also showed 108 men ages 30-55 years took 300 mg of Tongkat Ali extract per day for 12 weeks. It resulted in increased motility by an average of 44% and sperm volume by 18%.

There is a need for large-scale research on the use of the herb. However, there is no denying that the studies conducted so far show successfully treating infertility and low testosterone in men. With time, the herb has been proving to be of great help to men.

What Are The Health Benefits of Tongkat Ali?

Relieves stress 

The herb has properties that can decrease anxiety. Other advantages also include improving mood swings and stress particles in the body.

In 1999 a study first identified the shrub as a viable remedy in treating mood swings. It found the shrub extract similar to any regular anti-anxiety medicines.

Such treatments helped lower the symptoms of anxiety in mice. The study found that the herb’s effects will be similar in humans if research were not limited.

Experts have been studying and researching the herb since its discovery. The results from such studies will help to enhance unstable hormones in the body.

A study tested 63 adults with moderate stress level for one month. Every day, the participants took 200 mg of the shrub extract.

By the end of the study, the subjects reported a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol levels. There was a 16% reduction in the saliva. Such results were better than the ones compared to subjects who received a placebo.

Further, the subjects showed remarkably decreased tension, stress, and anger after receiving the herb treatment.

Enhance body composition 

The contents of various compounds in Tongkat Ali aids in increasing athletic performance and boost muscle mass. Components help the body improve endurance. It also helps the body to regulate energy more efficiently and reduce tiredness.

For instance, the supplement may react as an ergogenic aid. Ergogenic is a substance that improves physical performance.

A small study comprising of 14 men participated in a strength training program for five weeks. According to the study, every subject took 100 mg of the shrub daily.

As a result, the subjects experienced an essential rise in lean body mass. Such positive results are better than those in the placebo group. There is room for more research of the shrub, with its initial tests showing positive results.

Another study saw 25 active older adults taking 400mg of the shrub extract daily for five weeks. Such participants saw massive muscular strength increase than those taking a placebo.

Should you start the Tongkat Ali treatment?

Due to limited research on humans, the use of Tongkat Ali is uncertain. However, some studies suggest that it improves body composition and reduces anxiety.

The reports on human trials also show that doses up to 400 mg per day do not have adverse effects. The effects of taking the shrub extract for more extended periods are still unclear.

You must communicate with your healthcare provider if you intend to take Tongkat Ali.

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