The ABC’s of Testosterone Cycling

What is a Testosterone Cycle?

When an individual actively uses testosterone or other anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) for non-medical purposes, it is known as a cycle.

This is often associated with activities like bodybuilding or competitive sports and involves enhancing physical performance, muscle growth, or athletic abilities.

A testosterone cycle typically involves the following:

  • Beginning of Cycle: The cycle starts with the consumption of the testosterone supplement. You should always begin your cycles at a lower dose.
  • Dosage: Users take a specific dosage of testosterone during the cycle. Dosages may vary, with individuals often starting with lower amounts and gradually increasing over the cycle.
  • Cycle Duration: A cycle usually lasts between several weeks to a few months. The duration of the cycle depends on the user and their health coach, all within the bounds of reason and the user’s health.
  • Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT): After completing a testosterone cycle, taking part in post-cycle therapy helps restore their natural testosterone production.

Testosterone Cycle

What Is A Good Testosterone Cycle?

A “Good” testosterone cycle depends on many factors. A beginner-friendly and common cycle is between 6-8 weeks. The recovery period should be equal to or greater than your intake period.

If you’re worried about your body’s natural testosterone production being blocked, a good cycle also takes that into account.

When your body takes a break from steroids in the recovery period, your body will begin to naturally produce testosterone again.

What Is The 24-Hour Testosterone Cycle?

The 24-hour testosterone cycle refers to the testosterone levels in the human body that constantly fluctuate during the day.

Testosterone levels are highest in the body typically during the early morning, at the 7 a.m. mark and they generally tend to be lower in the early evening, around the 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. mark.

During the day, your testosterone levels are gradually declining. This daily fluctuation is part of the body’s hormonal regulation.

Users should note that the testosterone cycle is not a stringent marker and may vary for different individuals. It can also depend on age, diseases, the health supplements you consume, and more.

How Much Testosterone Should A Beginner Take?

The dosage of your testosterone supplements should be managed across cycles to help maintain the highest possible amount of testosterone in the blood.

For beginners, the dosage suggested is usually 200-350mg for a shorter testosterone cycle and 350-500 mg weekly for a longer testosterone cycle which can give some very apparent boosts in endurance and muscle mass.

During their first cycle, new users should have an anti-estrogen handy to combat any symptoms of gyno that could appear.

When it comes to beginners, the recommended dosage cycle is usually five to seven weeks.

From week one to two, 200mg is an appropriate dosage to begin with for beginners.

Week three to five, the dosage can be increased to 300 mg.

Week six to seven, increase the dose by 50 mg, making it 350mg.

For a more advanced and higher dosage with a longer testosterone cycle, it is also recommended that the cycle begins with a lower dosage –

Week one begins with the usual 200 mg

From week two, the dosage jumps high and is doubled to 400mg till week five.

From week six to nine, the dose goes up to 500 mg

And for the final week, it is recommended to lower your intake by moving down again to 200 mg.

Debunking Some Testosterone Myths

Don’t mistake the usage of testosterone for easy muscle gain and enhanced physical abilities.

You need to put in the work at the gym and exercise daily to meet your goals and see visible results. People sometimes assume that taking testosterone is the simple and easy answer but that is an uninformed myth.

Another myth that should be dispelled if you are considering taking testosterone is that all steroids are pretty much the same (1).

This is actually very important information.  There are differences when it comes to androgenic and anabolic steroids that affect the body differently and provide different results.

There’s also the myth that if women take more than just a few cycles, they will look like men. This one is partly true, but it’s very inflated.

Sure, if they take too many cycles of different drugs than their body might slowly become more “masculine” but if they are careful with their drug selections and their dosage, they won’t be turning into a ‘male’ look-alike anytime soon no matter the number of their cycles.

A common myth that many men worry about is the “Small Penis” myth. Let’s clear the air, no, your penis does not shrink on testosterone use.

What it actually affects are your testicles. Since the testicles stop testosterone production, they can shrivel up from disuse and become temporarily sterile.

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