Synephrine For Weight Loss – Benefits, Side effects & Dosage

Synephrine For Weight Loss

There are various plants, supplements, and remedies out there that help you lose weight at the earliest. Some products or remedies work better than the other, while some just don’t work out at all.

You would have heard by now about the recent talks surrounding “Synephrine” in the weight loss community. So, the majority of the queries surrounding this supplement include “What is Synephrine” and “Does Synephrine help you to lose weight?”

To answer the first question, Synephrine is a well-known supplement present in the weight loss market. Many companies are starting to include it in their ingredients of a fat burner.

You may also see it present on many supplements under the name tags of “Citrus Aurantium” and “Bitter Orange.” And to answer the 2nd question, yes, Synephrine does help you lose weight, hence, the reason behind its hype.

How Synephrine Leads to Weight Loss

How Synephrine Leads to Weight Loss

According to a study at the medical center of Georgetown University, the USA, back in 2002, The Women who consumed citrus Aurantium from the extract of bitter orange lost about 1.5Kg more an average in a week of exercises and strict dieting. They lost more than the previous week with the same routine but without citrus Aurantium’s consumption.

So, you can see that the intake of Synephrine does promote a faster weight loss difference. Here are the three main reasons how Synephrine is causing weight loss:

A Boost in Metabolic Rate

An intake of Synephrine leads to an increase in your metabolism, which enables your body to burn more fats.

The resting metabolic rate refers to the energy that your body needs during the day for performing basic bodily functions. Here, no exercises are needed.

It covers up a big portion of our regular energy expenditure that spans between 60%-75%. The number of calories that we are regularly burning is used up for all the bodily functions.

So, when the resting metabolic rate is higher, you will be burning more calories. In one study, a 6.9% boost in the resting metabolic rate was recorded after Synephrine consumption.

A 50mg Synephrine dose resulted in an additional burn of 65 calories compared to the placebo subjects over a time frame of 75 Minutes. It shows how effective and genuine the supplement is for a lot of people.

Fat Burning Characteristics 

Lipolysis and Fat Oxidation Synephrine are part of its fat-burning characteristics. Lipolysis refers to the mechanism at which the human body tends to break down many of the fats present in the fat cells.

It breaks it down into glycerol and fatty acids. This mechanism usually happens during heavy exercises and is easily triggered by hormones like adrenaline.

The mobilization of fats involves the transfer of fatty acids from fat cells straight to the muscle. However, fat oxidation is the following step in fat loss, which in due course goes on to turn the fatty acids directly into energy.

In a recent study in 2016, there was a detection of Lipolysis mainly during the rest periods (Which is when there is no execution of exercises) after the consumption of the P-Synephrine supplement.

Consequently, P-Synephrine was known to start the breakdown of the fats during rest. In the same study, the subjects who took P-Synephrine displayed elevated fat oxidation compared to placebo after a resistance training of 30 minutes.

You can see that Synephrine is present in the fat loss procedure both at a workout and at rest. It shows a crucial aspect because not everybody is into exercising for weight loss.

You have to realize that exercise is still an important part of the weight loss plan. However, realizing that Synephrine allows fat loss while our body is at rest is a major highlight.

Appetite Suppression 

Synephrine also helps combat weight gain by suppressing a patient’s appetite. Yes, there are fewer studies in this field, but Synephrine’s involvement in catecholamines activity makes it increasingly possible.

According to a study done on Rats, the combo of Rhodiola Rosea with the citrus Aurantium from the extract of bitter orange easily started suppressing 10% of the rat’s appetite (1).

This particular study isn’t sufficient to warrant any involvement of Synephrine. Still, it is compelling to note that multiple users of Synephrine seem to confirm its effectiveness and potential at decreasing the appetite urges.

Synephrine For Weight Loss

The Right Dosage

You need to follow the dosage that is clinically effective for satisfying results. Yes, Synephrine helps assist weight loss, but you also need to be aware of the right dosage.

You can’t just gobble down the supplement without any medical directions. There is an array of Synephrine dosages for weight-loss reasons, but the effective ones consist of 25-50 Mg every day.

The 50 Mg tends to easily outperform the 25 Mg one. But you can also stick with the 25 Mg one, which will do perfectly fine.

Summing It Up!

Don’t have unrealistic expectations on Synephrine, just like other natural supplements. You have to know that supplements don’t necessarily help build amazing physiques.

If you want to have a slimmer or a body with a definition, you need to follow a good dietary plan accompanied by proper training.

However, with Synephrine, you can expect a growth in your metabolic rate, a decrease in the fat cell receptors activity, and an increase in the food’s thermic effects. There should be efforts in all aspects of the plan.

Jason Shaw is an experienced bodybuilder, gym owner, nutritionist and content creator for many websites. He has competed at a high level and wants to bring that experience in muscle building, fitness and nutrition including supplements to our many readers, whether you're a skinny guy want to build muscle or a seasoned bodybuilder.

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