SARMs – The Ultimate Muscle Builder

SARMs – The Ultimate Muscle Builder

Staying fit has never been more prominent over the past few years. Of course, going to the gym and working out is nothing new. But with the rise of the “influencer” culture, we can say people have become more conscious of their looks.

And as such, many have started to focus a lot on their physique. They want to look ripped and well-toned like the people they admire. Over the years, people have resorted to several bodybuilding methods.

And aside from dumbbells and weights, you have proteins and supplements. These consumable items come in handy during your bodybuilding journey. One such supplement is a SARM.

So, what is a SARM?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or SARMs, are pharmaceutical drugs for muscle building. They have established themselves as a standard in the fitness industry over the years.

These drugs have proven to be effective in building muscles and burning fat. Most people think they’re the same as steroids. But that is not true. Even though anabolic steroids are effective, they have significant side effects.

That’s when SARMs come in. They became popular during the early nineties as an alternative to steroids. And they are even more prominent these days.

Let us find out more below.

Build Muscle With SARMs


How Do You Build Muscle With SARMs?

Many people have cited SARMs as a go-to for their bulking and burning routine. Yes, we have steroids that do the same job. But SARMs are a healthier option as they are more therapeutic.

SARMs give you the same effect as steroids minus the side effects. And building muscles with SARMs is also a more legal way to go.

But how does it work? How can you gain muscles with SARMs?

SARMs are popular with bodybuilders and athletes who want to bulk up or increase testosterone levels. As their name suggests, they select and work on specific areas of your body with different effects. And if used properly, they cut fat and preserve muscles.

SARMs can copy what anabolic agents do. This is why they perform like steroids. But the good thing is they have fewer androgenic properties. Hence, they can target our tissues directly and reduce the side effects that steroids give.

SARMs contain androgens that bind to our androgen receptors. The receptors magnify specific genes like our muscle growth genes and enhance them.

SARMs can therefore mimic the effects of hormones in a specific tissue. At the same time, they can minimize the negative impact that steroids do on other tissues.

To further understand how SARMs work on muscle building, look at steroids, for instance. Steroids boost our testosterone levels which in turn helps in muscle growth. This is the anabolic role of steroids.

The downside is they also affect our liver, heart, and reproductive organs. These side effects shrink balls in men and enlarge the clitoris in women. They can also fasten the growth of bodily hair, acne, etc. This is the androgenic role of steroids in our bodies.

Thus, you can see that the anabolic-to-androgenic ratio is 1:1. This means steroids will enlarge or shrink our reproductive organs as much as they build muscle. But with SARMs, we have a different case.

SARMs are more selective at targeting tissues. Thus, this gives you a better anabolic-to-androgenic ratio of 3:1. This ratio can sometimes go as high as 90:1.

As a result, there is more muscle gain and less body hair or smaller testes. What’s more, you can get SARMs in pills. Hence, you don’t need any injections.

Stacking SARMs: Getting Jacked Faster

Now we know building muscles with SARMs is a walk in the park. But what if I told you, you could fasten this process? The answer here is stacking.

If you’re already a SARMs enthusiast, you know what we are talking about. But if you are a newbie, don’t worry. We got you covered.

The market is full of SARMs, and choosing the best for us is challenging. By stacking SARMs, we can pick one that suits our needs accordingly.

With stacking, you mix two or more supplements to obtain a “stack.” When you mix multiple compounds, it gives you better results than a single one. There are two types of stacking namely Bulking Stacks and Cutting Stacks.

So what is bulking and cutting stacks? Bulking means gaining weight and putting on more body fat. On the other hand, cutting means burning away fats while shaping your body.

These two steps are common in bodybuilding regimes. You put on weight or gain body mass and shed the excess fat. In the end, you are left with the desired body fat percentage.

And as we are focusing primarily on building muscles, we will target cutting stacks. Aside from your workout and diet, SARMs can supplement your cutting process. And combining multiple cutting SARM supplements is an ideal and faster way.

Most experts recommend combining Cardarine, Ibutamoren, Ligandrol, and SR9009. So, what does each one do?

  • Cardarine increases metabolism and decreases fat build-up.
  • Ibutamoren helps in muscle building.
  • Ligandrol boosts tolerance and strength.
  • SR9009 prevents catabolism and maintains lean muscle mass.

Stacking these four supplements will provide a practical approach to building muscles quickly. But be aware of consuming fewer calories while you are cutting. Losing weight and losing fat are different. And by consuming more calories than burning, you are canceling the fat-burning routine.

Both bulking and cutting are vital steps to achieve a well-rounded physique. Regular exercise, a strict diet, and supplements like SARMs should accompany this.

Diets restrict us from consuming more than we should. As a result, our body uses excess fat to provide energy. But eating less doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthy. That is when SARMs come in to provide support.

Stacking SARMs



Which SARMs Are Best For Muscle Growth?

We have already learned that SARMs are excellent supplements for muscle building. But what is the best one out there? Which SARMs should you get to increase muscle mass?

There are several options in the market. And in truth, there is no “best” one. This is because SARMs react differently to different people. It might be effective for one person but not for another.

However, we will suggest our top picks based on expert reviews and recommendations. Check them out below.

Testolone RAD-140

If you search online for the best SARMs, you will probably come across RAD-140. The RAD-140 is one of the most hyped SARMs on the market. However, it is popular because it is effective.

Initially, RAD-140 was created to treat muscle wasting for chronic patients and breast cancer. But bodybuilders found it helpful in bulking up and muscle gain.

How Does It Work?

RAD-140 works well with our body’s androgen receptor cells. But the highlight of this drug is its selective nature. They do not affect the steroid-hormone receptors.

Testolone is also effective in treating muscle wasting. They are a safer alternative to steroids and testosterone therapies.

What Do Studies Show?

Studies have shown that RAD-140 cuts fat and improves body mass. They bind well to our bone and muscle androgen receptors. Plus, they block receptors in breasts and prostates, reducing cancer risks.

Steroids are common during brain abnormality therapy. Therefore, Testolone also shows promise in boosting brainpower. Tests show that it can minimize cell death in aging brains.

Testolone might even help in controlling breast cancer.

What Are The Side Effects?

Common side effects include nausea on first use. It may also cause insomnia and laziness. However, these side effects depend on the cycle and dosage.


Ligandrol LGD-4033

Ligandrol is another SARM that is useful in bodybuilding. They are mainly used to target weak bones and muscle density.

Ligandrol is essential for women because they are more likely to suffer from bone disease. And you will be glad to hear that tests with Ligandrol have shown promise.

How Does Ligandrol Work?

Ligandrol shows excellent results by targeting receptive cells in our bones and muscles. What’s more, you can see the results in a short period.

Studies also show that test subjects developed excellent body mass in twenty-one days.

Over this period, the participants also improved bodily movements and physical activities.

Animal trials also showed great promise. Ligandrol could boost bone strength without affecting the prostate. Thus, it reduces the risk of cancer and also enhances intimate functions.

What Are The Dosage And Side Effects?

Experts recommend around 0.1 mg to 1 mg of Ligandrol. Women take more time to develop muscles. So, this drug is effective in quickening the muscle-building process.

Common side effects include tummy aches and nausea. It can also depend on the drug cycle and your diet.


Ostarine MK-2866

The MK-2866 drug comes from the company GTx, Inc. It is also marketed as Enobosarm, GTx-024, or simply Ostarine.

Ostarine is good at mimicking testosterone actions. And this hormone plays an essential part in cutting unwanted fats while improving muscles. And with Ostarine, we have a winner.

So How Does It Work?

This drug works by producing the effects of testosterone and binds with your androgen receptors. It is very effective as it was initially produced to cure conditions caused by low testosterone levels.

We have yet to get approval for this drug. But several users have given Ostarine a thumbs up for muscle building. It enhances lean muscle mass and improves our physical movements.

What Is The Dosage?

For the dosage, experts recommend a low dose of one milligram. And surprisingly, this dose can yield good results.

Studies have shown excellent results with cancer patients. They showed improvement in their physical movements, such as climbing stairs. Patients taking a higher dose showed even better results.

Ostarine has also shown its promise in animal trials. They can target the bones and increase their density and reduce bone loss. This is excellent news for powerlifters who are constantly at risk of bone fractures. Taking a mild dose can strengthen your bones and make them less prone to breaking.

What Are The Side Effects?

MK-2866 works similarly to testosterone. But it is not the same and is also not a steroid. You won’t get a ton of side effects with this drug.

Common side effects include nausea, stomach ache, or constipation. If you are pregnant, please avoid Ostarine.

Testosterone is an essential part of our lives. They help improve our physical activities and muscle growth. And with Ostarine, you can do just that.



YK-11 is another excellent option if you are looking for SARMs. The standout feature of this drug is that it can prevent myostatin. Myostatin is a protein that targets our muscle cells, thus preventing them from growing.

YK-11 is an excellent option if you want rapid muscle growth. They inhibit myostatin, a protein that slows muscle gain.

How Does It Work?

Myostatin is one of the primary factors for muscle loss in chronic patients or older people. YK-11 does an excellent job of restraining this compound.

As a result, we prevent muscle loss and improve muscle gain. This, in turn, boosts our strength for better physical movements.

Plus, YK-11 increases follistatin, a protein that boosts metabolism and muscle growth. This protein also fights against myostatin.

What Are The Side Effects?

Common side effects may include joint pain. YK-11 has limited research. So, if you are a chronic patient or pregnant, please avoid it.

Safest SARM For Building Muscle

What Is The Safest SARM For Building Muscle?

Many people often ask this question: “What is the safest SARM for me?

To be clear, there is no right or wrong answer. There are several options in the market. And each SARM works differently depending on the user. Though they’re considered safe, each one has its benefits and setbacks.

Moreover, not all SARMs are FDA-approved or legal. But they are still safer than most steroids. So, we researched which SARMs supplements are most versatile and safe. And these are our top three picks.

Ligandrol LGD-4033

Ligandrol is the safest SARM because of the amount of research associated with it. The highlight of Ligandrol is that it prevents cancer-causing proteins. Ligandrol also cuts body fat and improves bone density.


With old age, men lose their testosterone power. RAD-140 is a SARM that can counter these natural effects. They boost testosterone levels, which is essential for muscle growth.

Ibutamoren MK 677

MK 677 is another safe SARM for treating muscle loss and physical weakness. They bind to androgen receptors (1) in our bones and muscles. The result is better strength and muscle gain.

All three options are safe and legal. You can also buy them online as long as you have a prescription.

If you were to pick one, go for the Ligandrol LGD-4033. This SARM has all the research and findings to support its validity.

Keep in mind that SARMs are still under research. We cannot say that they are 100% safe. So, consult with your doctor before choosing one.

How Long Is A SARM Cycle?

SARMs are still under research. The FDA still needs to give them the thumbs up. Therefore it is difficult to determine its cycle or dosage.

But what is a SARM cycle? In simple words, it is the break between each SARM dose. For instance, you take one dose and wait for a few days or weeks before the next dose. This waiting period is called the SARM cycle.

But according to experts, these are the standard dosage and cycles used by many people.

Ostarine Cycle

The first beginner SARM cycle involves an Ostarine cycle. Ostarine is the best option because it is mild and causes fewer side effects.

You start with 10 mg/day on your first week and gradually increase to 20 mg over eight weeks. This is a typical dosage for beginners.

RAD 140 Cycle

People who use RAD 140 take 10 mg/day for eight weeks. Experienced users can increase this dosage to 15 or 20 mg.

Ligandrol Cycle

Since Ligandrol is stronger than RAD 140, people use it in smaller doses. A standard Ligandrol cycle involves 6 mg/day over eight weeks.

Cardarine Cycle

A Cardarine cycle lasts eight to twelve weeks with a 10 mg/day dosage.

After completing the SARM cycle, you should rest for an equal period. For example, if your cycle lasts six weeks, wait for another six weeks. This is to ensure your body recovers before moving to the next cycle.

How Long Is A SARM Cycle?

How Long Does It Take To See Results With SARMs?

Every individual is different. Thus, SARMs can show results depending on the person’s physical condition. Some people feel its effects immediately, while others take weeks.

Plus, different SARMs take different durations to kick in. A few examples are:

  • Ostarine – Ostarine usually takes an hour or 24 hours to start working. You will notice changes by the second week.
  • Ligandrol – Ligandrol starts working from day 1. You start seeing muscle gains in two weeks.
  • RAD 140 – RAD 140 starts working immediately. And you start gaining around the second or third week.
  • MK-667 –It starts working on the first day. You will notice muscle growth around the second week.
  • YK11 – YK11 starts showing results in the first week. It intensifies over the next four to five weeks.

Here are a few factors that can influence how SARMs work.

  • Dosage – A mild dosage will take longer to kick in, while a more potent dosage provides quick results. However, there are substantial side effects with the latter.
  • Route of administration – Whether you inject or take it orally, it will affect how the drug works.
  • Placebo – Your mind can trick you into thinking the drugs are starting to take effect while they’re not.

How Long Do SARMs Stay In System?

Different SARMs stay in your system for different periods. Let us look at a few SARMs and find out how long their effects last.

  • Ostarine – Ostarine usually lasts for 9-10 days.
  • Ligandrol – Ligandrol can last up to three weeks. You can wait for at least thirty days to be on the safer side.
  • RAD 140 – It takes about eight days for RAD 140 to get out of your system. Keep in mind this period is for a single 10 mg dose. Higher doses can last longer, up to three weeks.
  • YK11 – Traces of YK11 start disappearing in just 48 hours. But it can take about 1-2 weeks to disappear completely.
  • MK-667 – This drug takes over a month to disappear for a single dose of 10 mg.

Now let’s look at some factors that influence the duration of SARMs in our system.

  • Genetics – Genetics plays a big part in how long SARMs stay in your system. Thus, the duration varies from person to person.
  • Weight – The bulky you are, the longer it will take for the drug to disappear.
  • Dosage – Different SARMs take different durations to get out of your body, depending on the dosage.
  • Metabolism – If your metabolism is slow, the drug will take longer to get out.

Is RAD 140 Good For Beginners?

RAD 140 is one of the most popular and effective SARMs out there. Many users often recommend it for intermediate bodybuilders. But what about beginners? Is it safe?

The short answer is no. And we’ll explain why.

RAD 140 is a stronger drug than milder drugs like Ostarine. Moreover, experts recommend beginners start with an Ostarine dose.

An Ostarine cycle usually lasts up to eight weeks. You can take 10 mg for the first two weeks during this period. This dosage will increase to 20 mg over the next six weeks.

We recommend taking RAD 140 only after your Ostarine cycle is completed. Remember that you should rest for the same amount of time as the Ostarine cycle. Then, you can proceed to the next phase, i.e., the RAD 140 cycle.

Another reason why RAD 140 isn’t ideal for beginners is because of its side effects. You might feel stronger for a few weeks, but once the side effects kick in, there’s no turning back.

But a SARM like Ostarine provides only a few mild side effects. Plus, they go away once you take proper rest.

SARMs Types

SARMs come in different types and forms. One advantage they have over steroids is you can take them orally.

SARMs come in different forms, namely.

  • Liquid form – It is the most common form available
  • Powder form – The original nineties version of SARMs
  • Pills – SARMs in pills or capsule form are the most popular in the bodybuilding community. They are the most effective for this purpose.

There are seven different types of SARMs. They are:

  • RAD 140 or Testolone
  • LGD 4033 or Ligandrol
  • GW 501516 or Cardarine
  • MK 677 or Ibutamoren
  • S4 or Andarine
  • MK 2866 or (Ostarine, S22, or Enobosarm)
  • YK11

Closing Thoughts

We still have a long way to go before any significant breakthrough in SARM research. The conditions are safe for the time being. You can say “yes” to SARMs if your doctor agrees.

We cannot deny the positive impact SARMs have on the bodybuilding community. They are basically “steroid killers,” and a safe one at that.

Even though we don’t have any approval from the FDA, we cannot deny the success stories. SARMs have done well for many. And they will work for you too.

Jason Shaw is an experienced bodybuilder, gym owner, nutritionist and content creator for many websites. He has competed at a high level and wants to bring that experience in muscle building, fitness and nutrition including supplements to our many readers, whether you're a skinny guy want to build muscle or a seasoned bodybuilder.

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