Best Ways To Improve Your Grip Strength Quickly

Build A Strong Grip Quickly

An important part of bodybuilding is to maintain a robust grip which most people fail to understand. Regardless of the various exercise routines, every move requires a firm hold, which helps lift sturdy weights during deadlifts, pull-ups, etc.

Many people get away with straps and other forms of machinery to help get the extra leverage in the gym. The best outcome is to avoid using such help altogether and challenge the ability of strength, which will help in building a muscular forearm. Following are the various tips to follow to create a secure grip:

Heavy Lifts

Typically, most trainers suggest various wrist curls that are light and divided into numerous sets, which can be tedious. The best remedy is to integrate the workout set in a way that incorporates grip exercises simultaneously with the whole body exercise.

For instance, adding exercise routines like bodyweight rows, heavy deadlifts, pull-ups, etc., helps develop the entire arm and a firm grip. While doing deadlifts, it is advisable to add weights, which help stress the top portion of the lift. The more pressure there is, the development of the grip gets better.

When it comes to bodyweight rows and pull-ups, it is best to keep changing the clutch in between every rep during the exercise. It continually challenges the strength of the grip, the ability to hold for a longer time, and develop a more muscular muscled forearm.

Switching the hold in between reps helps in developing a grip that adapts and adjusts to various positions of exercise over time. There is also a considerable benefit in taking walking lunges while carrying dumbbells, which aids in establishing a robust grip.

Build A Strong Grip Quickly


Avoid Using Additional Help

It is crucial to understand that using the various grip aids in the gym leads to weakening the grip. Using wrist straps helps in enhancing the grip portion of the exercise.

Still, not many people are aware that such additional support only eliminates the opportunity to build a sturdy grip. With time people begin to rely on the other aids more for better execution and dampen the chances of developing a firm grip.

It is pertinent to start small and humbly with slightly lower weight lifts that are manageable without help. Over time, as the muscles and strength begin to develop without assistance, it becomes easy to switch to bigger weights. Such a meticulously planned regime goes a long way in developing unaided grip and 100% muscle strength.

Continuous Grip Training

Develop a habit of practicing on grips every day. Pulling or lifting on anything is another way to ensure exercise on the hold. Thus it is necessary to incorporate it into the daily exercise routine. The constant stress translates to quick elevation in the grip strength and quickens the process of efficiently developing the forearm. Other supplementary exercises at the end of the workout, which include grip routines, help cement a firm hold.

Using Helpful And Practical Grip Builders

In addition to gradually adding weight to the bar, there are other simple ways to strengthen grip as well, such as adding towels. The trick with the cloth is simple and gets harder over time but yields the best result.

A creative way to amp up the demand of strength on the arm is by wrapping the handle or the bar with a towel. It results in thickening the bar, which would require extra strength to hold on to it during exercise and thus stresses the muscle.

Another way to make the workout more intense is by using two towels to hang during pull-ups, which will undoubtedly require a lot of strength building grip.

Remember To Squeeze The Bar

There is a profound understanding that repeating or remembering to do a specific action always will, in time, become a habit which translates to it becoming a part of life.

The same concept applies to keep squeezing the bar when exercising as it leads to activating a robust grip which helps in building strength.

Holding the bar on the palm and wrapping the bar with the thumb is the best way to approach it. It is essential to hold firmly and not allow support from the rest of the fingers to lift the bar, which will help develop good grip and strength.

Grip Strength


Exercises That Help Improve Your Grip Strength

Even with all the necessary information, the importance of knowing the essential workout regime will help generate the utmost strength and a firm grip.


The matter in hand is to build grip strength so a regular chin-up would not do. Using a towel over the bar and challenging the grip at such difficulty boost muscle and grip strength.


Making the regular walk with dumbbells is easy, but adding extra weight, which is usually heavy to carry, is another way to go. The pressure on the hands because of the dumbbell weight will increase the grip strength. If there is less space, standing in one place without walking for 30 minutes will suffice.


These tactics involve filling a bucket with 30-70 pounds of rocks, sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, or sand alone. To build grip strength, do a proper squat and hold the position while grabbing the loaded bucket with both hands.(1) The rhythm should be off the floor and towards the chest.

There are a variety of exercise routines that help build firm grip muscles like reverse barbell curl, dumbbell wrist curl, hand clench, grip clench, plate pinch, dead hang, towel pull-up, towel wring, etc.

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