Higenamine Benefits, Usage and Side Effects

Higenamine Benefits

Lauded as nature’s best workout strengthener, higenamine is a chemical substance found in plants such as aconite, Nandina domestica, Annona squamosa, Galium divaricatum, and others. Known by another name, norcoclaurine, this compound is available for various traditional herbal treatments for asthma and heart diseases.

Higenamine containing supplements are now available in the market, claiming to aid weight loss and regimens for bodybuilding. However, WADA prohibits sportspersons from using higenamine, and testing positive for higenamine can be risky for their career (1).

Some researches show that higenamine might be helpful in treating obesity and erectile dysfunction too. Keep reading this post to learn more about the claimed benefits and/or side effects of higenamine.

Higenamine for Weight Loss

Higenamine for Weight Loss

Obesity is now a rampant issue, with about one-third of the U.S. adult population confirmed as obese in the present-day.

While there are no healthy solutions like an appropriate diet and regular workouts, people have discovered medicinal supplements that aids weight loss, stimulates lipolysis, and enhance energy expenditure.

Higenamine is one such agent that is starting to get the limelight in the supplement community. Although research is still going on, higenamine is believed to enhance weight loss through thermogenesis and lipolysis.

Applying a pharmacological perspective, this compound has the capability to burn excess fat through the activation of β-AR (beta-adrenergic receptors). It has a remarkable resemblance to other stimulants for weight loss, such as hordenine, ephedrine, and synephrine. The β-AR agonists boost thermogenesis and lipolysis.

According to this discovery, higenamine can be a powerful β-AR agonist that can support thermogenic and lipolytic activities in the body and perform as an anti-obesity agent. Due to this reason, higenamine is now a popular ingredient in supplements that help people cut down weight.

While some studies determine higenamine’s prospective mechanisms, there is no certainty of studies relating to and supporting the human oral consumption of higenamine solely for fat burning. Though this ingredient is growing in popularity in the dietary supplement industry, we are yet to collect data concerning the potency of the higenamine.

It is also essential to understand the effect of higenamine on blood pressure and heart rate. A notable characteristic that complicates the efficacy of higenamine and its prohibition by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 2017 for several sporting events. This factor takes a large proportion of potential buyers away and eventually reduces research funding.

Higenamine for bodybuilding

Higenamine for bodybuilding

Higenamine is a popular ingredient in the market that people use for boosting their athletic performance and workout efficacy. However, the research on the effectiveness of using higenamine is lacking.

Studies in animals show that the compound expands the lungs’ airways and speeds up heart rate, which may be helpful in improving workout performances. But there isn’t enough research on humans.

Sixteen adults in a crossover trial took a supplement carrying caffeine, Yohimbe extract, and higenamine. There was an increase in their heart rates; however, very moderate and passable (~3 bpm). The contribution of higenamine to this result was also unclear. Therefore there is no evidence and surety of the amount of hygenamine’s contribution to the result.

In another research study where forty-eight men were introduced to higenamine for eight weeks, higenamine showed results similar to that of placebo. Similar changes showed in the heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate.

Despite this, bodybuilders and athletes make good use of higenamine to enhance their performances and lose fat while building and gaining muscle.

Higenamine effectively improves metabolism and helps in increasing energy levels while also enhancing mental clarity. Bodybuilders can take higenamine at their own risks.

Usually, higenamine has dosage levels similar to that of synephrine and ephedrine, and the safest recommended dose is twenty to thirty milligrams thrice a day.

Higenamine Benefits, Usage and Side Effects

Benefits of Higenamine

Various studies show that higenamine can produce vascular relaxation, a bronchodilator, and cardiotonic effect.

It leads to better erectile function and arterial activity and boosts the heart’s contraction for enhanced cardiac output. People also substitute 1.3 Dimethylamylamine HCl (DMAA) with higenamine because of the latter’s stimulant and fat burning potentials.

Higenamine is a potent nootropic that can boost your focus and enhance brain memory. It does not disturb the production of Nitric Oxide, unlike the other nootropics. Higenamine is considered safe for most people, and you can find it in various pre-workout supplements. Still, there are no approvals from the government in the U.S. for the medical use of higenamine.

Though there isn’t sufficient evidence for the use of higenamine for health benefits, it claims to help treat certain conditions such as asthma, cough, athletic performance, erectile dysfunction, heart diseases, obesity, and slow heart rate, osteoarthritis, and breathing difficulties. This is due to the compound’s ability to widening and relaxing air passages.

Higenamine Side Effects

Since higenamine is a β-AR agonist, it has the potential to affect the muscles of the heart and liver, resulting in arrhythmia. In some cases, the compound may also give rise to irregular heartbeats and spike up blood pressure.

Also, it might not be safe to take higenamine orally. It is one of the main substances found in the aconite plant, and there are cases of aconite causing serious side effects relating to the heart. Higenamine might be the partial or main cause of the plant’s side effects.

It is best for pregnant and breast-feeding women to stay away from higenamine as there isn’t sufficient research to determine whether the compound is safe during these times. Lastly, higenamine has stimulant properties, so avoid administering it at least two weeks before you undergo surgery.

Hygenamine Dosage

There are several factors that determine the correct dosage of higenamine, including the user’s health, sex, and age. As of now, there isn’t sufficient scientific research and study for higenamine that can confidently recommend the compound’s appropriate doses.

Remember that not all-natural ingredients and products are completely safe for consumption, and the right dosage is crucial for everyone.

Ensure that you strictly follow instructions printed on the product labels before consuming higenamine. They should be safe to consume when you are following the right dosage.

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