Can You Build Neck Muscles Fast?

Build Neck Muscles Fast

Yes. You can build and develop your neck muscles by performing targeted exercises that work your neck muscles and tissues.

However, safety considerations and care are involved with performing these exercises correctly. Quickly developing your neck muscles is something anyone desires. However, rushing the exercises may lead to injury.

So, a balanced approach towards performing neck exercises and observing safety measures will help you build your neck muscles fast.

Build Neck Muscles Fast

How can I Build my Neck Muscles Fast?

The fastest way to build your neck’s muscles is to combine various exercises targeting the different muscles on your neck.

We’ll explain each exercise and movement in detail below.

Controlled Neck Tilts

Neck tilts help develop the Suboccipital muscles and the scalene muscles. These muscles are tissues that run along the side of your neck from the collarbone to the back of your neck (1).

Perform neck tilts by dipping your head to one side until your ears approach your shoulder. Then, hold this tilted position for about three seconds and repeat the same motion on the other side.

Your ear should hang over an inch above your shoulders at the correct tilt, and you should feel a slight strain on the other side of your neck.

Slow Neck Extensions

Neck extensions involve tilting your head down and forward till your chin touches or approaches your chest (holding it for about three seconds). Then, extend your head backward till you see the ceiling and hold the position for another three seconds.

This neck movement allows your Trapezius (spine and back) muscle to develop better definition while building the Longissimus on either side of the neck.

Be careful not to cock your head back too fast. Sudden jerking movements may cause more harm to your neck muscles, which leads to issues of neck pain and incorrect posture.

Neck Rotations

Begin by tilting your head towards one side and following a clockwise or anticlockwise direction as you rotate your neck, allowing your head to draw a full circle as it moves and returns to its original position.

This exercise puts positive stress on all your neck muscles and some back muscles. Correct execution of this exercise regularly will lead to the proper definition of your neck, shoulder, and back muscles.

This simple exercise is an indispensable part of any bodybuilding routine that requires all your muscle groups to develop equally.

Neck Turns

Prepare for the exercise by looking straight ahead with an upright head. Then, turn your head to one side and move as if trying to look over your shoulder. Hold the position for about three seconds and perform the same movement on the other side.

Ensure you feel that slight stress on the opposite side when you’re turning towards one side. It indicates that you’ve turned enough and can start holding the position.

Neck turns to help you develop Sternocleidomastoid (muscles that connect your breast bone to the back of your skull). They also help build the Longissimus and Splenius muscles.

Neck Glides

You can perform neck glides while seated or in a standing position. Maintain a straight neck to start. Then, move your head forward while keeping your chin up so your head does not bow downwards. Hold this position for five seconds. Then, return to your original neck and head position.

You can perform this movement as a rep while in between other exercises. Neck glides help build your Trapezius muscles at the back.

Neck Lateral Extension

Neck lateral extensions are, essentially, neck tilts but with resistance.

Begin with the same position as the neck tilt. But this time, hold up your hand and push moderately against the side of the head, tilting down.

Your hand is the resistance your neck muscles must push through before your head can tilt down fully. This added resistance helps your neck’s side muscles to develop more strength and definition compared to simple neck tilts without any resistance.

Be careful not to exert excessive resistance with your hand. Forcing your neck to push through excessive force may lead to joint and muscle pains around the neck.

Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs are not a dedicated bodybuilding exercise for the neck. However, they work well as a supplementary neck exercise, especially when your neck gets tired from proper neck exercises.

Stand with your head facing straight forward. Then, lift the shoulders up and hold them in place for about five seconds. Bring them back to their original position slowly and let them rest for about three seconds before repeating the move.

Shoulder shrugs target the muscles that start from your neck and go down your back. They also help provide more definition for your upper arm’s muscles. So, this simple movement can target multiple muscle groups without placing too much stress on a single muscle or body part.

You can also mix up the exercise by performing shoulder rotations if you want to develop your rotator cuff muscles.

Tips and Best Practices for Fast Development of Neck Muscles

Observe these tips and recommendations to ensure quick growth of your neck muscles:

  • Warm up by performing a few of these exercises very slowly. For instance, neck rotations in a slow and steady motion help your tissues stretch and prepare for the other exercises.
  • Schedule your neck exercises to fall between other upper-body and lower-body exercises when your limbs are tired.
  • Straighten your back and observe proper posture for all of these exercises.
  • Perform neck exercises before a mirror or reflective surfaces to track your form and make necessary corrections.
  • The neck muscles are not as robust as your arms or leg muscles. Do not exert too much strain or overdo the exercises, which may lead to excessive strain or injury.
  • Contact professional trainers or medical specialists if you have doubts about these exercises.

Closing Note

Developing neck muscles fast depends on choosing neck exercises correctly, maintaining correct form, and consulting experts when required. Do not push your neck exercises excessively because over-straining may cause more harm than good.

Observe these neck exercises and safety tips to ensure your neck’s muscles look as well-defined as your body’s!

Jason Shaw is an experienced bodybuilder, gym owner, nutritionist and content creator for many websites. He has competed at a high level and wants to bring that experience in muscle building, fitness and nutrition including supplements to our many readers, whether you're a skinny guy want to build muscle or a seasoned bodybuilder.

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