Best Over The Counter Steroid For Muscle Growth

Best Over The Counter Steroid For Muscle Growth


Bodybuilding enthusiasts have been using different types of steroids for a long time to enhance muscles. But most products available were either illegal or unsafe, and many users suffered complications.

But due to the non-stop efforts from researchers, many legal alternatives are now available. So, instead of using doubtful products, you can check out safe, effective and legal supplements for healthy and positive results.

There are, of course, several that you can choose from, but it’s always a good idea to select the best. Below, we will check out a supplement that many claims to be the best legal alternative to steroids.

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Since Hulkster 32 from Juiced Upp came on the scene, it has received plenty of positive responses from users and experts alike. Many consider it the best legal supplement you can use instead of steroids.

Let us see what makes this product better and more attractive to bodybuilding and exercise enthusiasts.



What is HULKSTER 32?

Hulkster 32 is a muscle-building supplement created with an all-natural formula. According to experts and users, it starts showing effects right from the first use. With continuous use, users gain more strength, muscles and improve overall health.

How Does it Work?

The supplement contains a number of natural ingredients which work to give the desired effects over time.

Each element contributes something and offers improvements in various bodily functions. If you take the prescribed dosage regularly along with a workout routine and a healthy diet, you can have tremendous results.


Some Benefits of Using HULKSTER 32

Hulkster 32 can offer the following benefits during the first cycle once you regularly use it.

It Promotes Fat Loss: The first thing which you will notice during the first cycle is unwanted fats disappearing faster than you thought possible.

It Helps To Build And Increase Lean Muscle Mass: Once fats start to dissolve, it will lead to the development of muscle mass, which will only keep growing as you continue exercising.

It Will Enhance Physical Performance: Hulkster 32 also helps you perform your exercises better. You can now cycle longer, lift, pull and push heavier weights and run faster and longer distances.

It Will Increase Your Endurance Power: Once you begin using Hulkster 32, you won’t feel fatigued quicker during workout sessions. You can continue with exercises for a long time without needing to drop everything and rest.

It Will Accelerate Recovery Period Between Exercises: Taking the supplement will also quicken muscle repair time and allow you to get back to working out again soon.

It Can Boost Your Sexual Health: Hulkster 32 may also enhance your sexual health and increase sex drive because of the ingredients present in it.

It Will Supply With Energy Non-Stop: The supplement will also provide you with energy continuously. So, you will feel energized throughout the day.

Best Over The Counter Steroid For Muscle Growth

Key Ingredients of HULKSTER 32

Hulkster 32 contains several ingredients which are responsible for doing the various functions.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone): It’s a very important androgenic hormone for athletes and bodybuilders. Our adrenal glands produce, but when you take a supplement, it helps to develop and increase lean muscle mass. It’s, therefore, a popular ingredient in most products.

Tongkat Ali Extract: This particular ingredient boosts testosterone levels. So, when you take it and also exercise, it leads to fast fat loss, increase in strength, performance and muscle mass.

Tribulus Terrestris: The extract of this plant is known for boosting testosterone levels. As a result, you can perform your exercises even more intensely without losing your strength and stamina. It can also improve your sexual health and increase your sex drive.

Rhodiola: It’s also a flowering plant, and people have been using it as a medicine since ancient times. It’s been used to increase mental and physical strength and also for reducing stress hormone levels. It’s called an adaptogen because it aids the body to adapt to intense stress during workout sessions and resist the same.

Deer Antler Velvet: People in China have been using deer antler velvet for centuries. In Hulkster 32, it helps increase strength and muscle mass and accelerates muscle repair time.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Also known as ALA, Alpha-lipoic acid helps create more glutathione responsible for melting poisonous substances in the liver. It performs the task by counterbalancing the free radicals which our body creates and also by protecting the cells.

Octacosanol: Finally, Octacosanol improves oxygen supply and boosts energy levels. When you have an endless energy supply, your workout performance improves without losing stamina.

How To Use Hulkster 32?

It is easy to use the supplement as you have to take just one capsule per day along with meals.

If you consult a doctor, follow the instructions regarding timing and dosage for best results.

If you plan to use the supplement with other Juiced Upp products, seek advice from a healthcare professional.

To see the best results, take Hulkster 32 for at least two cycles or eight weeks. Combine it with a high-intensity exercise regime and a suitable diet for an excellent outcome.

Who can Use HULKSTER 32?

Exercise enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders can all use Hulkster 32.

But you have to consider the following points before starting a course. You cannot use the supplement if:

  • You are under 18 years of age
  • You are under any medication for any illness
  • You are pregnant or nursing a baby

Pros and Cons of HULKSTER 32 

The following are some pros and cons of Hulkster 32:


  • Builds muscle mass
  • Better oxygen supply which helps to enhance energy levels
  • Improves sexual health
  • Reduces fatigue and increases endurance power
  • No side effects
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only for healthy adults
  • Results vary from person to person


Many products keep coming on the scene but not all work simultaneously. Companies and paid reviewers make many claims saying their supplements are the best. But in reality, it’s a different matter.

Only some products work, and Hulkster 32 is one of them. Enthusiasts have used it, and they have only positive things to say about it.

If you are healthy and interested in muscle development, you can check out all the details and purchase.

The official site is offering a money-back guarantee for any unopened supplement. So, you can give it a shot.

However, always stay within the recommended dosage and exercise and follow a suitable diet for excellent results.

Jason Shaw is an experienced bodybuilder, gym owner, nutritionist and content creator for many websites. He has competed at a high level and wants to bring that experience in muscle building, fitness and nutrition including supplements to our many readers, whether you're a skinny guy want to build muscle or a seasoned bodybuilder.

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