Best Legal Supplements For Muscle Growth

Probolan 50 Vs. Metadrol

In such a busy era, where we are always in a rush, bodybuilding and fitness have become merely a pipe dream. Your long-hour desk job doesn’t give you enough time to do anything about the fat layers.

This outcome not only affects your body but your confidence as well. That is why people opt for the gym as they think they will work out all the fat.

Gym demands consistency that is our lacking point and as a result, after the first day, we have to take long breaks. To deal with this, gym experts and nutritionists have come up with bodybuilding supplements that can benefit you.

Among these supplements, Probolan 50 and Metadrol are the best-selling ones, and we are here to reach the long-sought end of Probolan 50 vs. Metadrol debate.

Such supplements tend to speed up the muscle building process and shape up your body. They also help you in surviving the never-ending training sessions. At first, there were many chemical compounds in the supplements but with time, they have become more natural.

Picks like Probolan 50 and Metadrol have a huge fan base because of their natural ingredients and positive effects on your metabolism. Let’s start reviewing them to explore their key aspects:

Best Legal Supplements For Muscle Growth

#1 Probolan 50


Probolan 50 is a muscle building supplement that simplifies your way towards the summer body. For a male physique, Probolan 50 is an ideal body supplement because of its composition. This supplement boosts the male hormone i.e. the testosterone and this helps you in increasing the muscle mass.

Testosterone also makes your hair stronger and skin becomes resistant to external pollution. This promotes an upsurge in strength and keeps you fresh throughout the long workout. If you are a beginner and have never taken a supplement before, Probolan 50 is the right choice for you.

It also aids in increasing the dumbbell weight with each day. As you go for a heavier dumbbell, you need something to compensate for the energy loss. This supplement fills such gaps for you and you have an uninterrupted energy supply.

For those who have tried their utmost to have the stereotypical gym body but find no results, fear not, that’s a common thing.

This is because you are missing out on such an external catalyst that can bring the fruits of your effort. This gives Probolan 50 a preference in the Probolan 50 vs. Metadrol discussion, as it has quicker results and speedier process.

Probolan 50





We recommend you to go through the ingredients as well to ensure you aren’t allergic to the mentioned ones.

DHT blocker:

The male hormone, testosterone, converts into dihydrotestosterone, but here arises a little problem. This conversion should only take place when your body has completely used all the testosterone.

It is because if anything interrupts it, the free testosterone can cause disturbing consequences. It may result in body pain or muscle inflammation. To avoid this, the main ingredient of Probolan 50, DHT blocker comes to the rescue.

The key difference in the Probolan 50 vs. Metadrol is that the DHT blocker has dual functions. It has to convert the hormone into dihydrotestosterone but the excess of it is also harmful. The greater ratio can be a harbinger of hair loss, acne, and such glitches. That’s why the DHT blocker blocks this surplus conversion and keeps your body right in the balance.

Estrogen blocker:

For those who have a basic knowledge of science may know that estrogen is a female hormone that works exactly opposite to the testosterone. If it increases against the normal scale, no matter which supplement you use, testosterone levels keep decreasing.

Despite spending the whole day at the gym, you will not see any major change. This is a sign that the estrogen level in your body is on peak and needs rectification.

Probolan 50 has ended this discussion by directly adding the estrogen blockers. These factors help in limiting the estrogen secretion and boosts testosterone. This gain in the male hormone makes your body tougher and prone to the expansion of muscle cells.

Epihydroxetiolan-17 esters matrix:

Here comes the secret ingredient. Unfortunately, we can’t disclose any information regarding this ingredient as the company claims it to be confidential.

They have not published anything about this factor and keeps it mysterious. However, we ensure that scientists believe this compound works in synchronization with the other ingredients.

This promotes testosterone levels up to 400%, which is incredible.


Caffeine works directly on the central nervous system and keeps you alert while you are exercising. It also provokes your sweaty glands to secrete greater sweat that helps fat loss like nothing else. The best thing about it is that it’s very natural and something you encounter every day.

Moreover, you can pair it up with a cup of coffee to get the double fold advantage.


  • It is very natural to consume.
  • You can have instant results.
  • This supplement provides a gigantic energy source.
  • The supplement has no adverse effects and is safe for every age.


The excess of testosterone can cause acne on shoulders.



#2 Metadrol


Metadrol is also a bodybuilding supplement but let us make the difference of Probolan 50 vs. Metadrol clear in the beginning. It is an “organic” supplement that not only enhances your muscles but also your stamina.

In the high-end gyms, Metadrol needs no introduction it is because of its familiarity with the gym demands. This supplement performs a huge role in promoting muscle mass and make you lift heavier weights.

The positive aspect is that it is the result of collective efforts of top-notch bioengineers so it seldom has any side effects.

Metadrol is the best supplement to cope with the tired muscles and to increase the muscle cell size to get those biceps. If we talk about its signature function that would be the upsurge of the stamina and endurance level.

Sometimes when you work out and relax, you can feel muscle cramping. This cramping becomes maximum when you sleep at night and that is where you need Metadrol the most.

Rather than performing as a sleeping pill, it straightly targets your stamina. When there’s greater stamina, you can endure more weight without feeling any sort of cramped muscles.

Let us explain it in simpler words, Metadrol is sort of a muscle juice that penetrates your muscles and acts more effectively. After a few days, this becomes more visible when you check out yourself in the gym mirror and see those cuttings and bicep folds.

Best Legal Supplements For Muscle Growth





Metadrol doesn’t reveal all the ingredients on the container. It has just given one formula that is


This is derived from Ferulic acid and works with muscle anabolism. In easier words, when you ingest this supplement, it forms long chains inside your body. This chain remains inactive unless your body demands some huge energy source.

To fulfill these demands, the long chains break into smaller groups each with a different chemical head. These heads associate themselves to diverse muscles and you feel a new wave of spirit. This is also an instant source when you are preparing for the hectic day at the gym.

One other feature is that it has a deep connection with the ATP regeneration. ATP is the energy currency of the human body so when you are feeling down, Metadrol is your topmost priority.

For the people who are always more active physically, this can also be an everyday supplement to take care of your body.


It won’t be fair to discuss a bodybuilding supplement and not mention caffeine, the prime supplement ingredient. Caffeine is an important part of any instant energy source’s composition because it influences your central nervous system. When you check out the documentaries of historic gym freaks, you come to know that coffee is mandatory for a gym physique.

It has numerous functions, for example, it keeps you awake. Yes, for a regular office day, it is important to keep your eyes open, both metaphorically and figuratively. But on a gym day, it is crucial since you are challenging yourself and exceeding your body’s actual strength.

Nonetheless, sweating is the prime feature here. Caffeine promotes sweating and more sweating means more dissolving fat layers. It works like magic on belly fat that is hard to live with. You can also upgrade your caffeine game by taking an extra coffee dose with it.

Whey protein:

Protein is the significant element of any supplement but the distinction of Probolan 50 vs. Metadrol is the latter opts for the whey protein. This protein enlarges the muscle size and also induces muscle gain. Your biceps appear broader and with correct exercises, you can get that ideal gym look.

Whey protein also increases the output so that whatever you ingest, the consumption is complete otherwise it may lead to serious digestion problems.

On top of all, it also cancels out the side effects and protects you from hair shedding, acne, and low energy levels.


  • Continuous energy source.
  • Promotes ATP restoration.
  • Has a plethora of skin benefits
  • Best for hardcore workouts


The greater caffeine proportion can be problematic.


Jason Shaw is an experienced bodybuilder, gym owner, nutritionist and content creator for many websites. He has competed at a high level and wants to bring that experience in muscle building, fitness and nutrition including supplements to our many readers, whether you're a skinny guy want to build muscle or a seasoned bodybuilder.

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