Benefits of Pushups

Can You Get Ripped From Pushups?

When it comes to working out and exercising, one of the most popular and go-to exercises is pushups. Many people try to fit this particular exercise into their daily workout routines.

It is also a nice warm-up exercise to get the muscles going and ready for intensive training. The fact that this exercise is easily doable anywhere makes it even more versatile and a good option for exercising.

If you are wondering why you should start doing pushups, it is because this particular form of exercise offers several benefits for your body! Traditional pushups, as well as the several variations of pushups, target the upper body as well as the core. The best part is, you also get to engage muscles like your triceps, shoulders, and even your pectoral muscles.

There are lots of people to want to build strength. An effective and fast way to achieve this goal is to try doing pushups every day. The ideal situation would be to do three or four sets with about twenty to twenty-five reps.

Can You Get Ripped From Pushups?


If you are only starting out, you can do two sets with a total of fifteen reps for each set. If you do this exercise with the proper form, you will also be working your core and abs as well as your lower body.

Regularly engaging in pushups is highly beneficial for defining your muscles and also building muscles and strength. You will gain muscle mass and also muscle definition not only in one area but, if done correctly, in multiple areas.

Moreover, the more pushups you do every day, you will see an increase in your endurance and strength as well. If you struggled to do fifteen pushups when you first started, by a few month’s time, you can easily do twenty to thirty reps, or even more!

Best Variations And Benefits Of Pushups

One of the best things about pushups is that you can get the most out of them by switching them up! Yes, you heard that right. You can perform pushups in different variations. The only change will be in your posture, nothing more and nothing less. By simply switching your posture, you will be engaging different muscles and gaining different benefits.

Pushup variations are a great way of engaging the different muscle groups. This ensures that you develop lean muscles evenly and uniformly. Variations are easy to do, and you can actually do it anywhere.

Dedicating a whole workout session to doing pushups variations can help show promising and satisfactory results. Here are some easy pushup variations that anyone can do.

Decline Pushups

By far, one of the easiest variations of pushups has to be the decline pushups. It is really easy to do. Beginners can also catch it in a matter of minutes. Everything remains the same as a traditional pushup. The only difference is you’re going to elevate your toes on a platform. This platform can be a box or a bench, preferably about 2 ft.

Assume the traditional pushup position. Lay down with your belly flat on the floor. Lift your toes on the bench and keep your palms flat as well on the floor. Remember to keep your body straight. Hips should not sink or stick out. Once in this position, proceed to lower yourself by bending your elbows till your shoulder blades are near the floor. Before going back up, pause for a few seconds and slowly lift back up in a controlled manner and repeat this fifteen to twenty times.

The benefit of doing decline pushups is that it helps target your chest and upper muscles. It’s a good exercise to tone and build your pectoral muscles. Basically, it’s a nice way to build your upper body strength.


Decline Pushups


Incline Pushups

Another easy variation of pushups that almost anyone can easily do is the incline pushups. It is basically an elevated way or version of the traditional pushups. You do not need to change much of your posture or stance. Only your upper body needs some elevation. For this, you can use a bench or a box that is neither short nor very tall.

Simple stand in front of where your bench is. Now, bend down and place both your hands on the edge of the bench. Your palms should be flat on the bench; this is how you know you’re doing it correctly. Hands should be wider than your shoulder width. From the bent position, go into a plank position. Your back should be straight, and the bodyweight should be on the toes and the shoulders.

Do start doing incline pushups, simply lower your chest towards the bench or box using your elbows or shoulders. When your chest reaches or touches the bench, stay in that position for a few seconds. After your few seconds are up, go back up steadily and slowly. You can repeat this fifteen to twenty times. Three to four sets are the ideal choice. Incline pushups are good for the chest muscles, shoulders, and your core as well.

Incline Pushups


Closed Pushups

Also known as close-grip pushups, this exercise will be a great and valuable addition to your workout routine. Here’s how you can do it. All you have to do is assume the plank position. This means your body weight has to be on your toes and the palm of your hands.

Generally, for a standard pushup, you keep your shoulders wide. But for this, your arms need to be as close to the torso as possible. Bringing your hands closer to each other, but do not lock them or get them in the “diamond,” shape.

This is not beneficial at all. Just make sure your arms are touching the torso. Once in this position, simply start going down and coming back up using your shoulders.

Closed pushups are good as they put immense tension on your triceps. If you want to work your triceps and give them some definition, try the closed pushups. It also engages and works the pectoral muscle better than any other variation.

Closed Pushups


Conclusion – Benefits of Pushups

By reading this article, you get to learn that pushups may seem common, simple, and boring for some, but they come packed with amazing health and physical benefits. No one can argue that pushups are one of the easiest yet most beneficial forms of exercise.

The fact that people can alter and change the form of pushups to gain more out of it is even better. There are many pushup variations, and every variation target different muscles. Try out the variations we suggested. You will surely love them and enjoy doing them once you see the results for yourself!


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